Advertise With Us is a free magzaine, social network and resource center. As such we exist by sponsored ads that we introduce to our communuitiy. Because our community is niche-specific, we reserve the right to refuse advertising that in our opinion does not serve our readership. We do not promote any sexually-oriented ads.

The transgender community is a large underserved community, comprised of people from all walks of life -- doctors, politicians, truck drivers, police and fireman, soldiers, clerks, waitresses and more.  They range from occational cross-dressers to fulll time transgender women (and men). 

This provides advertisers with a communitiy that purchases mainstream and as well as nich products. They also utilize mainstream services like beauty and nail salons, makeup artists, as well as niche services such as transformation studios, photography sessions and more.  

The types of products that our community is usually interested in ranges from mainstream to exotic. It can include but is not limited to transformation products, such as breast forms, girdles, corsets, gaffs, beard cover, wigs, and other tranformation accessories such as double-sided tape to B&D paraphernalia. 

Fashion products are also of interest to our readers, and can range from mainstream dresses, blouses, skirts, formal wear, shoes, linerie, slacks, as well as accessories such as jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses, to leather and latex. 

Beauty products can range from skin care to cosmetics. Books, whether true transformation stories or fiction are an another area of interest 

If you organize and/or manage yearly or monthly events, you may consider buying featured ad space anywhere on the site, including our Events listings page, to spread the word.  

Transgender people tend to like many of the same things that the mainstream likes. So contact us today and let's determine what we can do for you. 


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