Out of the Closet

Out of the Closet (14)

Crysti Hart during the past few years has come out to live almost full-time as a woman.  This column depicts how she did it, what she has learned, while providing tips to help you on your journey. 

The Words of Others

I can remember the day so clearly when I stopped caring "what other people thought." It was liberating. The days before that moment were draining -- emotionally, mentally, and physically. To wake up each day and put on that emotional suit of armor to protect me from the masses was exhausting.

So one day I just decided to step out and let the world take me as they will. I no longer had the need or interest in them seeing me as I saw myself. Their words and opinions would no longer defined me; I would define me and they were free to accept that or not. The words of others no longer impacted my thought or actions.


If My Child Came Out As Trans

Recently the world lost Leelah Alcorn, a trans girl who felt too unsupported, too misunderstood, too tormented to go forward. Leelah died of homophobia, specifically transphobia, and bluntly: that’s wrong on more levels than I can count. Sure, I feel judgmental toward her parents for their lack of support for their daughter. But it’s relatively easy to feel judgmental, and much harder to figure out how to help. I want to try to help, so I’m imagining one possible scenario, step by step. To avoid a confusing array of pronouns, I’ve chosen to write about a young person with the body of a boy, whose gender identity is female. However, I think the issues will hold true for a transgender boy or girl, female or male, and for his or her family.

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