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Have you ever thought of traveling en femme only to chicken out at the last minute? Now you can travel with other T-girls and lean on them for the emotional srength you need, and have a great time as a one of the Girls That Roam with Transgender Vacations. 

Stephanie Brown BG BoarderStephanie Land foundedTransgender Vacations.for that purpose -- it's more fun to travel with freinds than it is to venture alone. From river curise mixers to longer cruises, there is a lot to see and many places to go. And isn't it better doing it as the girl you are? Now you can!

It is Stephanie Land’s dream for transgender and gender variant people to travel comfortably in style. So, she launched Transgender Vacations three years ago with the travel company’s first-ever cruise to the Caribbean. The cruise was a success. Now in its third year she plans to take transgender travelers to Europe aboard a cruise on the Danube River among other plans. 

Guests mingle was they snack on appetizers and sip wine. It's the good life. She connected with Girls That Roam in 2016, and and combining their vacatiosn for a more diverse experience.  

Stephanie Land met San Francisco’s transgender community at Girls That Roam’s Go Roam, women’s travel mixer in January 2016. Launched in 2016 “We are excited to open our first Go Roam event of the New Year with Stephanie of Transgender Vacations,” said Heather Cassell, publisher and editor of Girls That Roam and travel counselor at Girls That Roam Travel. “The transgender community is hitting a tipping point in terms of acceptance and visibility, but there is still a need for culturally sensitive travel opportunities that put the community first. Transgender Vacations is trans-owned and –operated by Stephanie who has exciting plans for travel for transgender and other gender variant travel.” 

San Francisco) holds a unique place in Stephanie’s heart as she came out in there nearly 20 years ago. So that first trip marked the first time she’s returned since she discovered herself, and was excited to meet the local trans community and talk about the travel company she’d created just for them. “San Francisco has a big trans community that I want to be a part of. I also want people to know that transgender people do travel; and that Transgender Vacations is for trans travelers,” said Land.  “It’s time for Transgender Travel.” 

“We all want to enjoy life,” adds Land. “Why not do it traveling together to wonderful places?” Trans travelers met Land at Girls That Roam’s first women’s travel mixer of 2016, Go Roam, on January 21, 2016.  


About Transgender Vacations

Transgender Vacations began with a dream to create a travel experience that would welcome the diversity and uniqueness of our special community. In a world that seems to be changing so rapidly - travel is the gift you can give yourself that allows you to see the beauty of promise yet fulfilled. 

We are curators of adventure and exploration, voyages takes us to Europe, Latin America, Asia and beyond. Resorts, Cruises, Safaris and Driving Tours, it is all on our palate of discovery. We will guide you to new memories and friendships. Families, Friends, Allies, Singles all are welcome, all are made to feel treasured. For more information, visit

About Girls That Roam

Girls That Roam is an online travel magazine and community for independent globetrotting women who are either swinging it solo, traveling with their gal pals, boyfriends, or girlfriends, trekking it with their tots, or road warriors closing the deal. Girl roamers seek and explore new adventures learning about the world and pushing boundaries, doing good and giving back, supporting women-owned – and the boy’s that love us – businesses and organizations. All the while having a great time rocking it through the continents, drinking and eating, sporting it up, sharing stories and tips, meeting new girlfriends – queer, straight, black, brown, white from America to Asia and everywhere in between – and having some fun and giggles along the way. Plan your girlfriend getaway with Girls That Roam Travel, visit


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