Lost In A Crowd

  • Written by  Dawn Baumgartner Vaugnan
Lost In A Crowd

Kicked out of the house for being transgender, this documentary explores the life of transgender teens on the street.

 DURHAM -- Kick your transgender teenager out of your house and where they end up won't be a pretty picture. All they needed was love and acceptance.crowd

That is the message of "Lost in the Crowd," a documentary about transgender young people who live on the streets of New York City. It was shown Sunday at the Carolina Theatre during the final day of the 15th annual N.C. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

The film by Susi Graf follows several teenagers and those in their early 20s from 2003 to 2007.

There is Kimy, who was abused and kicked out of his home for being transgender and his troubles with the law. He hitchhiked to New York City. He said he doesn't think anyone will ever be good to him.

There is Adrian, who missed his family and wanted to go home, but they would not let him. After they reconnected, he was still not allowed home. So he went to the church where he said the pastor molested him, just to be able to spend time with his family. He is also HIV positive.

Jazmine, who lives her life as a woman, also had a family who didn't care about her, so she left.

"Lost in the Crowd" focuses on Kimy, Adrian and Jazmine, but interviews several other young people, social workers and nonprofit workers who try to help LGBT teens on the streets. A few outreach programs and homeless shelters are aimed at transgender and other LGBT youth, but they serve only a small fraction of those on the streets. Some teens said they came to New York because they thought they would be accepted there, but found a hard life instead.

Winner 0f Best Film at Vox Feminae Film Festival, Croatia November 2011 and many great reviews

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