A Girls Life

A Girls Life (14)

Once out of the closest many transgender people step closer and closer to full-time over the gender line. This column speaks to those that want to share insights and experiences in a life full-time.

Transgender Wedding On the Roof

We climb the stairs to the top, twenty flights, ten floors, and when we get there a guy sitting in an armchair says “Why didn’t you use the lift?” I suppose no-one expects the lift to work in old Soviet-era apartment blocks. Nobody expects to be on the roof either, but a short flight of wooden steps and a vertical climb up a metal ladder later we are emerging onto a wide roof area and the whole of Almaty is below us in early evening sunlight.


Candidly Transgender

I was walking down Broadway -- a small group of friends in tow – when just as I crossed West 22nd Street I heard a voice shout out, “Hey, beautiful, is that an Adam’s Apple you have”? I turned, with a grin upon my face and saw five guys in their late-20s, sitting in their compact car (no doubt part of the “bridge-and-tunnel-crowd” that descend upon Manhattan from New Jersey, Connecticut and the other New York boroughs each weekend) laughing as they waited for the light to change.


It's Fran not Frank!

Even going to the launderette is more fun as a female. Doing errands never seems like a chore to me any more. They represent stepping stones toward reinforcing my femininity during my transgender transition, and frequently give me the chance to meet new people -- or reintroduce myself anew to people that knew the old me. 


The Photo on My Drivers License

Taking the license out of the envelope, I examined it long and close.  Despite the usual poor quality of many drivers license photos, I'm pleased.  I'm glad that before going into the DMV office I had remembered to freshen up my red lipstick and black eyeliner. I also blew dry my long hair to rid it of frizz that morning.

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