As the wife of Gina Lance, Editor-in-Chief of TG LIFE and author of the book GET DRESSED!, people always ask me why her eyes POP!  Granted, it’s makeup skills she acquired over a period of time, but it’s also the fact that she wears falsies!  And I’m not talking about breast forms, I’m talking about false eyelashes.

According to Gina: ‘I was trained to include them in my makeup application.  Some people might think it’s over-the-top to always wear them, but hey, I always want to look my best, and I think they add to my look!’

I agree!

And not just because I’m married to Ms. Lance, it’s because I think they look great on her and I wear them too for a dramatic effect at conventions and clubs.  Plus girls… when you are getting your photo taken, which I hope is quite often, you do want to look your most glamorous!

So here’s some great instructions and information from on how to apply false eyelashes!

Do you have short lashes, skimpy lashes or no lashes at all? Eyelashes are an important asset to the look of your whole face. They not only filter out dust and debris floating around your eyes but they act as little frames that open and brighten your eyes. No matter how much eye makeup you wear, nothing adds so much to the look of your eyes as nice long, thick eyelashes. Celebrities know this and have made eyelash extensions extremely popular Eyelash Extensions. If you can’t afford the hefty price tag that goes with eyelash extension ($200 a set and up) then perhaps you would like to learn how to apply false eyelashes. No, not your grandmother’s false eyelashes!

Today’s false eyelashes are more natural looking when you learn how to apply false eyelashes following our simple steps. There are dozens and dozens of brands to choose from, and several types of lashes (full set, clumps, or individual lashes). This array of choices will make it easy to apply false eyelashes, and achieve the look you want to create.

Full sets are the easiest to apply, and individual lashes the hardest since they require a very steady hand. When you are first learning how to apply false eyelashes you should practice several times, and wear them at home before venturing out into the world. You will get to understand how they feel and whether you are applying enough adhesive to last through whatever event you want to wear them to.

Whether you spent 1.99 or 199.00, whether you buy human hair or mink, learning how to apply false eyelashes can make all the difference.

How to apply false eyelashes:

1. The first step and maybe the most important one when applying false eyelashes is to start with clean eyelids. The adhesive (glue) will not stick to oil so be sure to use an oil-free eye makeup remover. Be sure not to use any oil-based makeup near your eyes.

2. The next step in applying false eyelashes is to choose a color and a length. For a natural look, stick with a color that matches your own shade of lashes. Blondes and light color haired gals can go with a light brown color, but all other gals should use dark brown or black. For a glamorous evening look everyone can go with black. Most false eyelashes will need to be trimmed, as the lashes are too long for most women. Be sure to trim just a little at a time. Then test run them by holding them on your eyelid and seeing how well they fit across your lid. You will probably have to trim the length as well. Be sure to curve them across your lid. Take off one or two lashes at a time to get just the right fit. Be sure they don’t extend past your eyelid, as this will be very uncomfortable. Do all your trimming before applying the adhesive. Sharp scissors will do the trick. You can try Maybelline's Expert Eyes lashes in Black Demi-Wisp (available at drugstores for $7.00).

3. Third step in applying false eyelashes is to add adhesive to the false eyelashes. Celebrity makeup artist Nicole Bryl recommends applying them with a dark lash glue. The dark glue helps define the lash line. Don’t use too much. Putting some on paper and using a toothpick can help. Let the adhesive become tacky, (this only takes about a minute), before applying the false eyelashes to your own eyelash line. Remember to never put the false eyelash adhesive directly on your own eyelid. The adhesive is meant only to be applied to the false eyelash itself. You certainly don’t want glue in your eye, and your certainly don’t want to glue your eye shut either!

4. While looking in the mirror, start applying your false eyelashes at the inside corner, press and hold the false eyelashes as close to your own lash line as possible If you feel your fingers are too big for this step you can use tweezers. Be very careful not to poke yourself in the eye.

5. If you’re using individual lashes or clumps, start at the outside and work toward the inner eye. You will only need a couple of individual lashes or clumps to achieve a natural look.

6. After apply the false eyelashes and letting them dry, take an eyelash curler and gently curl your new false eyelashes along with you own lashes.

7. To unify the look of your new lashes apply liquid eyeliner over both. No mascara needed.

8. When you want to remove the false eyelashes, be gentle. Because your eyelids are so sensitive don’t pull your false eyelashes off without the use of eye makeup remover. Let the remover soak in for a couple of minutes. The oil will loosen the strip.

9. To use your false eyelashes again, clean them according to the manufacture’s directions. Be sure to pull off any remaining glue. Let them dry completely before putting them.

Wearing false eyelashes only on special occasions will keep your eyes from developing an infection or an irritation from the adhesive. Remember, practice makes perfect. Learning how to apply false eyelashes and correctly applying them can lift your spirits and make you feel like a celebrity!

So until next time, give me a wink and show me those falsies!   False eyelashes, that is!



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