Judy and Liza Together Again: An Over the Rainbow Experience

Rick Skye & Tommy Femia Rick Skye & Tommy Femia

The Don’t Tell Mama’s Cabaret Show is a Don’t Miss Must! Tommy Femia and Rick Skye channel Judy Garland and Liza Minelli in a way that is more than entertaining…it is astounding.

They are so good that the fact that these are men impersonating two iconic women becomes invisible in the performance. Which miraculously brings life to a dynamic that amazingly never existed in real life.

Of course, the great Judy Garland was Liza’s mother and they did appear together in performances when Liza was just a young girl. But they were never peers. Judy’s untimely death made sure of that. They never had the opportunity to share the stage as equals…both sharing the spotlight and adoration of a dazzled audience. Because of these two talented performers, they finally get that chance…and a lucky world gets a chance to experience that magic.

Both Femia and Skye have been honing their performance as Liza and Judy, respectively for many years, and joined forces last year to bring this dream scenario to reality.  And the results were so good that they earned a Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Clubs (MACC) Award as Best Duo.

Femia on his own has won seven MAC Awards and one Backstage Bistro Award, and is considered the foremost Judy impersonator in the business. Skye’s credentials are no less impressive as a multi-award-winning performer, with succes on Broadway and the West End, having trained with Stella Adler and the Joffrey Ballet.  

The “Mother/Daughter” team works easily off each other, seamlessly blending the quirky personality and performance traits of Judy and Liza in a way that makes it seem the pair were born to perform together.

Femia’s Judy takes the stage first and runs through an impressive array of Judy’s defining hits and then introduces her daughter Liza (Skye) to do the same with her’s. Soon Judy is back on the stage and the banter and duets create a dynamic you realize the world was so sorely lacking without the talents of these two fabulous impersonators.

Each rolls through not only the performance repertoire of the famous characters they embody, but also the humorous personality quirks and comedic demeanors. It’s as though this mother had actually had the chance to develop an adult relationship both onstage and off through these two men.

Femia and Skye know these women so well…that they are obviously comfortable with each other’s character. The result is a chemistry rarely found in show business. There is a short-hand understanding and genuine affection between them that becomes infectious with the audience, and by the end of the show, a sheer joy that permeates the room.

This is a can’t miss experience for anyone who enjoys the two characters that Femia and Skye bring to life. But more than that…it is a can’t miss for anyone who simply enjoys gifted performers delivering a thrilling experience on the highest level. 

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