A New Start in Orlando

A New Start in Orlando


Meet Danielle, from Orlando

For many years I have been a CD. Being married raising a child and working at conservative Companies has kept me from being out in the open. A few years ago things started to change.

Both of my parents passed away within a year of each other. With the inheritance I felt more independent and wanted to be happy. What would make me happy? I was overweight, wearing frumpy clothes, and my relationship was suffering.

What would make me happy is to regain what I had let slip away.

My fashion choices at 205 lbs were pretty limited, so I made a conscious decision to lose weight, which for a person developing high blood pressure was a good idea anyway.

The catalyst of change was out of the bag, and there were more changes to come as I began exploring who I really was. I was unsure at this point if I was just CD, TS or gay.

That is when I read Gina Lance’s book “Get Dressed”. This may sound like a commercial for her book, but in truth sheprovided a great deal of insight for me in understanding who I was: I knew now that I wasn’t an occasional cross-dresser. get-dressed-breaking-out-crossdressing-closet-gina-lance-paperback-cover-artAnd with this self-realization, I also knew that as I progressed that the odds were slim that my marriage could endure the changes I was going through.

It was a short while after that when I discovered Romantasy corsets. I called Ann Grogan and ordered a corset. She has a book “corset magic” which I fell in love with. It’s not only about the look it is also a way to loose weight. This would be the perfect combination of loosing weight and shaping my waist. Within 6 months I lost 30 lbs following her program and diet and exercise.

During this period I had never ventured out on my own before, but I had considered going to the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC). The idea of going to public Conference scared me, but for some reason I went online, registered, and made a hotel reservation.

I told Ann that I registered and she was so helpful putting me in contact with other TG ladies who could answer questions and ease my fright. I had only a short time to figure out what to wear; didn’t know much about makeup and where would I get a wig?

The details of fulfilling each item put me in contact with the most wonderful people. Everyone was so open and helpful, making my first journey out of the closet a memorable one, and today I remain a steady customer and a friend.

After spending a lot of time getting ready, I ventured out of my hotel room to join the SCC. When I entered the lounge area, my first thought was “oh my! There are lots of people just like me!” The next day was “Princess Day” to get nails done, get makeovers and go shopping.

Gina and LisaThe conference sessions were wonderful. I met new friends, began to get a better sense of myself, and, got a chance to meet Ann: the high point of my day.

Since then I’m down to155lbs and have reduced my waist by almost 10 inches. It was magical when I threw out most of my old cloths. These are things you don’t think about when you are focused. Buying new clothes was even more fun.

In the winter my wife and I came close to divorce. We did a lot of soul searching and I explained to her that I am transgendered and that I love her.

She thought that meant a sex change and I explained I am not TS. Why do I bring this up? Because many forget about the other part of the equation the spouse or partner. Now that she truly understands me we are really close and we do things together. I am so fortunate that she supports me, and I recognize this is relatively rare when the wife responds this way.

So I am getting ready for this year’s SCC, and I signed up to be a volunteer along with many others. And, it will also be a little different this year because my wife is coming with me!

When you think that it is too difficult or how could I do this? Think about how you can! Understand what it takes for you to become confident in yourself. Once you have confidence everything else falls into place.

So now that I am out, I won’t be returning to that dark closet. And along the way on my new journey I will be bringing you reports of not only great events and venues in the Orlando area, but also national events that I am fortunate enough to attend.

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