Simple Things at the Millennia Mall

Simple Things at the Millennia Mall

The other day I met a friend at the mall of millennia. It seemed like just another day at a very beautiful mall at the time. 

But it turned out to be so much more.  

A local person [whose name I will protect] contacted me from TG life through the site email, and we started to talk. My new friend is a cross-dresser with so much to tell. He met me in Guy mode, and I was, well, in me-mode -- as Danielle. 

The simple things are not always so simple. Over two years ago I wanted to change my life and plotted a course to make it happen. I remember my first time out and how wonderful I felt. Now I was meeting a person who was at the same point as I was a few years ago.

What should I say?

After many hours of conversation my friend shared a life story; a beautiful story, but also a tragic story which only he and his wife can sort out. 

Why am I writing about this? It has to do with feelings. CD’s succumb to pressure or stress. Cross-dressing tends to bring some relief from reality. When the situation is such that we don’t have a good environment to live out this manifestation we don’t know what to do. 

In my case I listened and offered friendship. We walked the mall for hours talking and window shopping. My friend could not believe my confidence and just being able to be out. 

Confidence comes from having your house in order. It is a lot of things. One has to deal with the demons that live within. My image comes from my heart and soul. I altered my physical appearance to be more femme. I directed my energy to be more positive, and to just appreciate the simple things that are all around us. 

A good example of one simple thing is window shopping. When entering a store it is so cool to look at the fashion pairing. GF will put together outfits that play together. Males don’t get that. I love to interact with the ladies to understand the look. 

It’s not about picking a top or skirt. It is all about a coordinated look, and it was really fun showing my friend that. At one store I commented to the associate that “I would not have thought that color would go with that blouse,” but it looks great! I think I made her day; she looked at me with a big smile and said “thank you!” 

Just that simple compliment opened up a fun conversation.  We talked about how she matched up a couple of outfits, what inspired her choices, and the new colors of the coming season.  

My new friend was concerned about her size; as do many CDs. Many I have noticed will overdo it with makeup to – as far as they are concerned -- divert attention. But style is something that is personal, and your style represents you, something you make your own.  

If you are a large person, than scale the accessories to your size and pick colors and styles that work with your body type. We had some fun with that at Talbots; we found quite a few nice things she could easily wear and colors other than black! 

Last year at SCC Ann Grogan (Romantasy.Com) gave a cool lecture on style. She had three models of different sizes and all looked great. The petite short person wore bold colorful patterns and tall pumps. The tallest model (who is a model) wears bright colors with fabulous accessories that are large but proportioned correctly for her size. So for those just starting out I will tell you that it can be done. 

Just be conscious about your body type and buy cloths that work with it. I recommend going to and reviewing the style guide. I have included the shapes below.

After leaving the mall, we went out for lunch, and after offering some advice we parted separate ways. I will be there for this person when they are ready to step out.

In the end it was a wonderful day at mall of Millennia. I have a new friend, and I managed to come away with a little booty of my own -- a nice top in lovely Salmon color, yes! 

So the next time you’re out and about, make sure to have fun and enjoy the simple things, because life is full of them if you’re open to seeing them.

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