First Transgender Prom Queen at Utah HS

First Transgender Prom Queen at Utah HS

Maka Brown said she was grateful for the support of classmates, her boyfriend and family as she accepted the tiara this weekend.

The 18 yeal old was shocked to learn Saturday that she was elected by her peers to be prom queen. She thought the height of prom experience would be curling her hair, with her younger sister Isabell looking on. Now she has muchmore to look forward to. 

Maka Brown trans prom queenMaka attends the Salt Lake School for Performing Arts, and will be the first transgender student to be crowed queen. She says she's come a long way from fearing her classmates' reactions to her gender identity to being crowned queen. In talking with People Magazine she was quoted saying that "The people at my school are so accepting and so supportive -- they accept me exactly as I am," she explained. "It's a scary thing when you first come out and tell people you're transgender, but everyone has been great. My friends at school have helped me to live an authentic life, to be who I am."

Her mother (Toni) had never heard the term transgender before Maka came out to her two years ago. But she quickly did her homework and came to know about the high (41%) suicide rate of rejected trans teens. But once she came to terms with it, understood it, "she blossomed" she told KU-TV.

Maka Brown joins the small but growing list of transgender teens being selected Kind or Queen. The reversal of genderr noms speaks to the changing mind set of teens in the 21st century; their capacity to embrace diversity.    

The selction of Maka Brown as prom queen is a reversal of the reputation that aconservative Salt Lake City is known for, as it was for Modesto, Calif.'s Enochs High School homecomiong princess Isaac Salazar. 


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