10 Styles That Millennials Love Featured

10 Styles That Millennials Love

It’s official: Millennials are now the biggest generation of today, a whopping 80 million of them, and they're defining their own trends and styles. if you're dressing style is youthful, then here is what's happening in the world of millenials today!

Sufficeit  to say that millennials gain different fandoms from various sectors, especially businesses. And more often than not, business areas are always eavesdropping to see what this group of young people are saying, and gravitating towards.

The fact that you can buy virtually everything online via the web or a mobile app makes shopping a wonderland. Online shopping is now the new norm, providing the opportuny for young people to scour and search for the latest and trendiest fashion statement in town. You can’t blame them though. Millennials love just about anything futuristic and stylish.

The famous designer Yves Saint Laurent once said that "fashion fades, but style is eternal." This saying could be the styling mantra of young millennials nowadays.

Check out the ten styles below that are trending with millennials. Regardless of whether you’re a millennial or not, with this sneak peek you can dress like one.  

Make A Statement

Move on from logomania fashion. Many millennials are embracing statement tees as a participation of political pushback against what they see in the world as unjust. This trend is not new, just restyled a bit. you couldfind statement Tees as far back back to the baby-boomers of the 1960s ad 70s who were wearing peace signs and protesting the Vietnam war. During the 80s and 90s Katharine Hamnett, a famous English fashion designer, wore a t-shirt with a political slogan. Today fashon is exploding with statement shirts promoting political causes, and you'll see many celebrities wearing them across social media platforms.

Even great fashion moguls like Christian Dior got on that trend-wagon. After all, a statement, unto itself, is a style, isn't it? 












Bring Out Your Sporty Side

Millennials by far, are creatures who like comfort, and this is evident to their love for athleisure trend. The oversized sweatshirts are the latest craze and street-style approved fashion recently. Famous ‘It’ Girls and Boys include fashionable sportswear into their styling staples, which only proves that athletic dressing has a staying power.


Jeans Are Always in Fashion

Jeans and denim are the new uniforms for millennials. It’s not surprising though, who doesn’t love jeans? We all do! The question of course is what the style of the jeans are from one trend to another. From denim cut-offs to wide-leg jeans, the choices for denim in the market are bottomless. Even famous celebrities and models alike have been sporting the trend for years. The trick with denim, is the accessories


The Age of Graphics

Forget about stripes; they’re for board rooms. For this season, fashion designers focus on using attractive graphics that comes on crisp separates, appropriate for day or night. Graphics showcase bold case, and all are selfie approved by many fashion police and fashionista by heart.


Military Style

Military and utility inspired pockets have become the steady trend for millennials in the past up to date. The pattern gets a chic makeover from Marc Jacob’s flirty concept on camouflage pieces to the public outerwear collections of Dries Van Noten. Look tough and carry and air of command and wear these militarypieces on your next street-style endeavors.


Fashion of the 80’s
Now that throwback is part of your life’s daily social backdrop, and it only fits that designers look back to the Eighties for some inspiration. Gucci is headlining a one-shouldered ruffled number and Balmain showcases collection of new and electric blue suit. Try channeling the trend if you’re feeling nostalgic or want to taste the hype of the 80s. Have some blast from the past and look dramatic, bold and daring.


The Sheer Style
For those who like some transparency in their daily wardrobe, follow the "Sheer" styling. Designers continue to tailor sheer clothing because the trend for transparency continues to go high. Take your cue from Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian who likes wearing sheer pieces. Well, don’t get left behind, grab your sheer pieces and wear them with bravado and confidence.


Reveal Your Inner Fashionista With Outerwear
2017 has been a good year for outerwear trends. Create your style and take your cue from oversized puffers and embroidered bombers. The trend continues to buzz in the fashion scene with Balenciaga’s quirky silk bombers and pastel vests. Millennials like to go bold and wear pieces that look fashion pieces you see on magazines that come to life.


Get Cozy in Boudoir
Showcase your inner ‘Anastacia Steele’ and get your sexiest outerwear right now! Boudoir look is one of the crazes right now as designers look to the boudoir for sensual inspiration. These lingerie references live on seductive slip dresses, sexy briefs, and sexy bra tops.


Pink Is The New Black
Men might shy away from the trend, but pink right now is the hottest color for spring and is touted as the new black by young millennials.

Designers from Paris to New York embrace the sweet shade showcase various pieces that you can wear every day. The palette of color runs the gamut a catalog of pastel tones to vibrant and bold shades that you can found on every chic suit and dresses up to style staples of a young fashionista.

The Takeaway

If you’re a millennial who happens to love fashion as much as you love social media, the trends are a must-try for you. Dressing up and looking good is always fun. However, if the trend doesn’t suit you, there’s no need to oblige yourself. You don’t need to change to fit in, but you modify the fashion to suit you. So if you're much older than the millenials, for example, while you shouldn't wear your dresses and shirts as short as they might, you can still let their styles influence yours.

Stephanie Wheatly is a designer, traveller, entrepreneur and budding writer who likes spending her time outdoors. During her free time, she likes going online to check out Tee-shirts and jeans.

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