TGLIFE is a magazine, social network and resource center by, for and about the trasngender community, their friends, family and friends. Anyone is welcome to join the site. Like any community, the strength or weakness of the community is driven by the actions of its members. Therefore, tolerance and courtesy are paramount. We are a site that is financed by sponsors and donors, so as part of our rules we restrict using this site as a platform to advertize on your own, and hope you can understand and respect that. We're here for you and the other members, and can only provide this free service if we can retain ad reveneue, so please -- when possible -- if you're buying soemthing that our sponsors offer, give them first consideration. They alone make this site free for you.  

1. BLOGS - Express yourself, but don't change or post-date an existing post to alter your post to move up or retain position on the Blog list. The original Blog post date MUST NOT BE ALTERED or the moderator or admin of the site will delete it. If you attempt it a second time you will be suspended.

2. PROMOTING - Blogs, Forums, Profiles, Photos, and Videos are not to be used as mass promotion of third party services and/or products. The site survives from accredited advertising revenue. If you post things to promote a business venture they will be deleted and you will be suspended. THE EXCEPTION is events, and we do encourage people to post their events, as it serves the community at large.

3. Profile Photo - NO NUDES or provocative photos. This is not a hook up site. Please update your profile with a clear photo. Pictures in the community are not searchable by internet search engines - so you need not worry that it will be shared across the internet or searched. If you do not want to post a photo of yourself, an avatar is permitted if it not a copyright infringement, or you may leave the default pic generated by TGLIFE in your profile page. In adherence of item 2 above, profile photos may not be used as a vehicle for promotion - ie: posting links and/or ads in or on your pic.

4. NO CANVASING - Do not use the TGLIFE email for mass email invites to friends for/to other networks or sites. Our goal is to shelter the members from spam - please respect the privacy and rights of the members and do not spam in your TGLIFE Email, Blog or Forums, Videos or any other feature of the site.

5. NO PHOTO AD'S - Photos that are created and posted for the purpose of promotion will be deleted - NO LINKS, or other spam ads may be included on pictures. No posting "picture fliers" for the purpose of promotion.

6 Profile Promoting - If you have a link or a site being advertised on your profile you MUST have the TGLIFE Badge (Embedding the HTML Code) to be installed on that site. If you do not wish to reciprocate this, then either remove the reference of that site off your profile, or remove your self from PE membership. Otherwise your account will be banned until you fix the page in question.

7. Privacy of Posted Content - You agree your photos, emails, chats, blogs, comments and any other content you upload is YOUR OWN WORK (unless cited to original owner with permission to use).

TGLIFE will be adding FAQs ( frequently asked questions soon under a separate tab on the menu).


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