Fashion Tricks for Skinny Girls

Fashion Tricks for Skinny Girls

Skinny girls can at times feel self-conscious not being able to fill out their clothes the way they'd like to. In an article in the Ahmedabad (India) Times newspaper, I read a short article with fashion tricks for thin girls. These style tricks are tried and true, but I thought I'd list them again for those that were not aware of them.

1. Swap leggings for jeans: Leggings are very prominent fashion items for Indian women, but also popular throughout the world. But jeans will thicken up the look of your legs.

2. Heavier fabrics: Chiffonsare wispy and elegant, but also show off your thin-ness. Wear silk and/or cotton instead, as these fabrics will add a touch of volume to your body frame.

3. Tight body-hugging tops highlight your skinny frame. Instead, wear over-sized T-shirts with flowing silhouettes. Whimsical and flowing tops add camouflage an otherwise skinny look.

4. Opt for horizontal stripes, which create the illusion of width, while vertical stripes make one seem taller and thinner. And, horizontals are becoming the trend of the season.

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